It has been a minute


It has been more than a year since my last post. (All the old posts are privatized just because.)

We are almost at the end of a mostly normal school year. The kids started out the year wearing masks, but quicky brought home COVID anyway. We all did relatively well with it. I developed pneumonia, but not hospital-bad pneumonia, but that’s faring relatively well.

The boy is about to wrap up middle school. He’s glad. He went to a different middle school this year and was not a fan, so he is ready to move on. The girl will be going on to 3rd grade next year.

Despite hearing horror stories about her teacher, things went great. (Other parents said she was awful with autism/ADHD, but she was super open to learning and applied strategies we shared with the other kids.)

I’m still at my writing job and recently took on more work. I function best with both the job and staying on top of household chores when I’m under pressure, so I tend to get more done that way. It’s weird, but me.

My husband is doing well, too. He still gets to work from home a lot, which is nice.

So, all good in the hood.

I thought at the start of the pandemic two years ago that I would finally kick the writing up a notch. Creative writing or blog writing or hopefully both, but that didn’t happen. I do miss it, though, and am hoping to get back to writing somewhat regularly, even if it’s just once every couple of weeks.

Bye for now. 🙂